Dani House for Sale in Dasmarinas
Complete Turnover with free Tiles and Free Bank Charges. Longer Downpayment Period.

₱ 6,050,000

Dani - House for Sale in Dasmarinas City

4-Bedroom House on 99 sqm Lot in Camella Belize

Total Contract Price: ₱ 6,050,000
Down Payment: ₱ 23,820 / month for 36 months
Bank Financing: ₱ 44,628 / month
Cash Purchase (Estimate): ₱ 5,600,667

Reserve this property for just ₱ 50,000! Please refer to the investment schedule found below for details.

Dani Floor Plan House and Lot in Dasmarinas

Dani has a lot area of 99 sqm and a house area of 83 sqm. It’s a single attached house with four bedrooms, three toilets and baths, a living area, dining area, kitchen, a carport, provision for a balcony (for an additional ₱150,000 to construct), and a laundry and service area. If you want that extra room at the ground floor and a more affordable 2-storey modern house, Dani is perfect for your growing household needs.

House finishes upon turn-over:

  • Reinforced concrete walls
  • Solid wood panel main door
  • Sliding windows
  • Straight to finish reinforced concrete floor
  • Painted reinforced concrete walls
  • Ceramic floor tiled toilet and bath
  • Fiber cement board partitions
  • Pre formed simulated tile galvanized roofing
  • Provision for balcony

Bigger lot sizes as big as 207 sqm are available.

Dani House and Lot Investment Schedule

Simple as 1-2-3, tax-inclusive with no hidden charges

  1. Pay the reservation fee of ₱ 50,000.

  2. After 30 days, pay the monthly down payment of ₱ 23,820 for 36 months at 0% interest. You can also pay the full amount of the 15% down payment in cash and get up to 8% discount.

  3. After the downpayment period, pay the monthly amortization of ₱ 44,628 under bank financing. Congratulations!


Total Contract Price: ₱ 6,050,000
-Jun 2021₱ 50,000Reservation Fee
1Jul 2021₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
2Aug 2021₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
3Sep 2021₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
4Oct 2021₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
5Nov 2021₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
6Dec 2021₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
7Jan 2022₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
8Feb 2022₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
9Mar 2022₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
10Apr 2022₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
11May 2022₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
12Jun 2022₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
13Jul 2022₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
14Aug 2022₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
15Sep 2022₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
16Oct 2022₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
17Nov 2022₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
18Dec 2022₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
19Jan 2023₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
20Feb 2023₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
21Mar 2023₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
22Apr 2023₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
23May 2023₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
24Jun 2023₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
25Jul 2023₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
26Aug 2023₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
27Sep 2023₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
28Oct 2023₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
29Nov 2023₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
30Dec 2023₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
31Jan 2024₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
32Feb 2024₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
33Mar 2024₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
34Apr 2024₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
35May 2024₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
36Jun 2024₱ 23,820Monthly Down Payment
37Jul 2024₱ 44,628Start of Monthly Amortization under Bank Financing

Promo: Complete Turnover with free Tiles and Free Bank Charges. Longer Downpayment Period.
Updated: 6/15/2021

Let's discuss this investment in detail via Zoom, Viber or WhatsApp! If you are abroad, we can schedule a virtual appointment at your most convenient time. Our contact numbers are +63 977 819-6554 or +63 917 718-6905.


Dani Model Unit Open House

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24 July 2021

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